Trade Show Exhibits What Trade Show Attendees REALLY Want

Trade Show Exhibits: What Trade Show Attendees REALLY Want
Trade Show Exhibits: What Trade Show Attendees REALLY WantTrade show exhibits can be useful tools to increase brand and product awareness, and to build a new client base. To stand out from the hundreds of other trade show exhibits and to maximize the return on investment, it is vital that your marketing delivers what trade show attendees really want.There are a few commonalities in all trade shows that help in determining the key differentiators that drive people to an exhibit. When developing a trade show exhibit marketing plan, companies often forget to put themselves in the attendee’s shoes and implement activities that will work for the exhibitor, not the attendee. Remember, trade shows are big, noisy and tiring – gaining attention is not as easy as it seems.Succinct Information The sheer magnitude of trade show exhibits can lead to information overload for the trade show attendee. When a company has mere milliseconds to get their point across, creating information that is succinct, visually enticing, and gets straight to the point can mean the difference between being read and being thrown in the trash.

Having your information read by an attendee will increase the favorable reaction to a post-show follow up and can even increase the conversion rate from prospect to client.

Giveaways and Prizes

Everybody loves something for nothing! A giveaway is a great way to attract attention to your trade show exhibit. A well received giveaway, which entices an attendee to find out more about a company, is often simple yet thoughtful – a strong sturdy branded bag to carry all the information collected, a portable fan to cool them down whilst walking round, a small toy that they can give to their child.

Branding giveaway items is essential. Not only does branding a giveaway item help to reinforce your brand in the mind of the recipient, it often acts as free advertising and brand exposure to others when the item is displayed or used.

1000s of Custom Logo Imprinted Trade Show Giveaways at Discount Prices! Promotion Store.comPrizes are another good way to draw a crowd. A prize offering creates excitement around a trade show exhibit by adding elements of entertainment and suspense. The chance to win a prize will not only draw an attendee to a stand, it will often ensure that they return to the trade show exhibit at the time of the prize draw.

What this means is that prizes allow for multiple communication points with the attendee – before, during, and after a show. Within the multiple communications, brand and product sell messages can be included. For example, an email blast announcing the prize at the trade show exhibit beforehand can incorporate information about the product or service being showcased at the show.

Food and Drinks

Walking around to numerous trade show exhibits can work up an appetite. Providing a complimentary food or drink giveaway, such as pretzels or soda, can be a welcome gift to a famished attendee. The act of giving creates goodwill – recipients will be more receptive to the company’s message, and it often makes them stay longer at your trade show exhibit.

A Seated Audience

A very simple way to attract people to your trade show exhibit is to offer seating. Seating is a rare chance to rest the legs after hours of exhibit hopping. The seating offered can be anything from a few comfortable chairs to a lavish sofa setting.

Having a seating area will also give salespeople an area to further business relationships. Taking time away from the crowd to have a one-on-one discussion with a client or prospect creates a relaxed and more personal environment.


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Jonathan Edelman provides helpful advice about trade show strategies. With years of experience in the trenches, he is an expert on booth displays, follow up techniques, and using trade show marketing strategies to boost revenue.


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  1. Hien Slavik says:

    That’s great news for small businesses! It’s nice to see stuff being done to help entrepreneurs and small business owners succeed.

  2. I’m the tradeshow coordinator at my company and I manage the sales guys who go out on these shows. They know exactly what to do, but I found this helpful for myself, for when I actually get to go out and be in the booth. (which only happens once a year) I’ve actually never been trained to be in the booth, and all your articles help me!! So THANK YOU!!

  3. XL Displays says:

    Your point about succinct information is really important, and that covers not just the brochures and promotional literature, but also any exhibition pop up stands or roller banners. Remember people will glance at these momentarily so don’t include very much text at all – these need to be highly graphic driven and eye catching.

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