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4 Trade Show Ideas To Increase Your Booth Traffic

Posted on: November 5th, 2012 by Darren No Comments

4 Trade Show Ideas To Increase Your Booth Traffic With the economy continuing to struggle, it’s more important than ever to employ creative trade show ideas that can help transform your trade show spend into a positive ROI.

One of the key ingredients is booth traffic. In order to make your trade show efforts successful, you must be able to attract people to your exhibit.

While other exhibitors strive to draw in the few passersby who express even the mildest of interest in their products, you can turn your trade show exhibits into traffic-magnets. Below, I’ll reveal 4 exciting trade show ideas that you can use to increase your booth traffic.

#1 – Promotional Prize Wheels

Prize wheels are a proven strategy for attracting people to trade show exhibits. Convention halls are often dreary and colorless; the dull thrum of conversation can further desensitize attendees. Promotional prize wheels can inject a splash of color and excitement into your exhibit, drawing people in. And they can be customized to support your trade show marketing effort.

For example, allow anyone who will provide their contact information a spin on the wheel. Every spin wins a prize. Each prize carries a promotional message that spreads your company’s name throughout the convention floor. Plus, watching someone spin the wheel is almost irresistible to other attendees.

#2 – Money Machines

Money machines are one of the most effective trade show ideas for capturing attention and attracting crowds to your exhibit. An attendee steps into a transparent booth and waits expectantly while an attendant counts down in a microphone. Then, a whirlwind of dollar bills, vouchers, or coupons blows around the attendee as he struggles to grab as many of them as possible.

With a little creativity, you can integrate money machines to support your marketing strategy. For example, let attendees collect as many vouchers as possible within 30 seconds. Then, let them trade a certain number of vouchers in for a spin at your prize wheel.

#3 – Popcorn Machines

Imagine yourself as an attendee. You’ve been on your feet for the entire day. Plus, you’re mildly bored and more than a little hungry. Suddenly, the seductive aroma of freshly-popped, buttered popcorn wafts by you. Popcorn machines are one of the few trade show ideas that attracts booth traffic by teasing attendees’ taste buds. Not only does the scent of fresh popcorn draw people in, but the bags can be customized with your company name, logo, and marketing message.

Before long, you’ll have dozens of informal ambassadors giving your company and exhibit more exposure throughout the convention floor. Once other attendees observe people enjoying your popcorn, they’ll search frantically for your booth.

#4 – Video Game Contests

Most people are familiar with classic video games like Pac-man. They’re instantly recognizable. Plus, they can provide event attendees with needed entertainment after they’ve spent hours visiting trade show exhibits. By organizing video game contests, you can increase your booth traffic, provide entertainment, engage in conversation with attendees, and collect their contact information. It’s one of the most popular trade show ideas because it entertains visitors, encourages conversation, and sets the stage for following up after the event.

Because only one person can play the video game at a time, you and your employees can create a comfortable dialogue with those who are waiting their turn. Plus, by offering promotional items as prizes for the top five scores of the day, you’ll encourage people to provide their contact information.

Putting These Trade Show Ideas To Use

Most exhibitors struggle to attract visitors to their trade show exhibits because they fail to think like an attendee. The key to drawing crowds to your booth is to understand what motivates them. The 4 trade show ideas I’ve described above focus on people’s instinctive curiosity, hunger, competitive spirit, and attraction toward games of chance. Each of these trade show ideas is easy to implement and cost-effective. Most importantly, they can help ensure that your marketing efforts deliver a positive ROI.

Attract A Crowd And Keep Them Engaged With A Trade Show Robot

Posted on: November 2nd, 2012 by Darren No Comments

tradeshow robotFrom a seller’s perspective, the success of a trade show event rests on making an impression. A large show puts you in direct competition with potentially hundreds of other exhibitors vying to catch and hold the interest of attendees. No matter how many connections you make, that initial meeting will only hold so much weight. The real value to your company lies in creating a lasting image in the minds of potential clients. It’s not enough just to speak to them that day, what matters is how well they remember you in the days after the show.

For years, nothing has proven quite as effective at delivering a unique and memorable experience as a trade show robot. There are a host of trade show attractions and other promotional ideas available to every trade show marketer hoping to make that enduring impression, but a trade show robot can deliver a truly lasting and potentially profitable interactive experience. Think of a marketing robot less like a booth feature and more like an employee, one you don’t have to pay, feed or train and who never tires of stopping attendees in their tracks at your exhibit.

Your Trade Show Robot Is Always Working For You

These days a marketing robot is much more than just blinking lights and buzzing motors. A properly designed and implemented trade show robot can free you up to make better connections with clients by taking on much of the greeting, shaking hands with guests and even handing out promotional materials. If desired, robots can even be programmed to make elaborate presentations or a looped sales pitch. Employing a trade show robot means that even casual observers who may not directly engage with you or even enter your booth are being exposed to your business simply by watching your animatronic employee.

When It Comes To Visual Impact, Nothing Beats A Robot

Speaking of casual observers, trade show robots also double as moving, talking advertisements. Customizing your robot with your company logo, colors or contact information means every attendee who comes in contact with your robot for even a moment is exposed to your brand. Even members of the media are often drawn to promotional robots, who are frequent backdrops or even participants in local television coverage, opening up huge free advertising potential.

The Giant Pink Gorilla In The Room

If you’re interested in a dramatic visual statement and don’t require programmable features, you may want to consider the ever-popular animatronic gorilla. These large lovable robots stand above the crowd, both literally and figuratively, when it comes to grabbing attention. Available in a number of eye-catching colors, a gorilla robot can be placed at the entrance of your exhibit as a passive greeter, waving and turning as your guests pass, or fitted with an accompanying sign to serve as introduction to your business, announce promotions or provide contact details.

Whether you’re looking for a computerized booth assistant, or just a high-impact visual presence, trade show robots can have a huge impact on the traffic flow to your booth.

About the Author:

Jonathan Edelman provides helpful trade show marketing ideas. With years of experience in the trenches, he is an expert on booth displays, lead generation techniques, and networking with trade show vendors to build a referral-generating system that leads to a boost in sales and revenue.

Thinking About Taking Your Trade Show Marketing Strategy “Green?”

Posted on: January 9th, 2012 by Darren No Comments

trade show ideas

“Going green” is everywhere these days and the trade show floor is no exception. But you may be wondering what, exactly, is green exhibiting? What qualifies as being green and is there a benefit to making green choices in the trade show market?

What Are Green Exhibits?

What counts as green exhibiting will be different depending upon whom you talk to, but some key components of green exhibiting include:

  • Exhibit materials
  • Exhibit shipping
  • Exhibit packaging
  • Exhibit waste

Exhibit Materials. The most obvious example of whether or not a product is green is what it is made out of. The amount of recycled and recyclable products on the market today virtually guarantees that you can find products that have less impact on the environment than products of the past. When looking for green trade show ideas look for recycled products. Common recycled products that are used in trade show displays include: aluminum, plastic bottles, industrial plastics, wood and wood fibers. Naturally renewable resources that are finding their way to trade show exhibits are: bamboo, sorghum and eucalyptus.

Exhibit Shipping. The consumer does not readily see the impact of shipping or transportation costs of goods on the environment. Trade show exhibits are no exception. Exhibits and exhibiting itself can have a tremendous impact on the environment. Many exhibits are shipped across the country to trade show after trade show, generating new carbon emissions each time. Lightweight and modular displays are smaller and lighter than other types of displays, which means they cost less to ship. In some cases, these light weight displays can even travel as luggage with accompanying sales associates.

Intangible shipping costs, such as carbon emissions, are an often overlooked factor when talking about how green a product or display can be. For a company that attends several trade shows a year, these intangible costs may well be the greatest environmental impact you have, regardless of the materials used in your display.

Exhibit Packaging. Related to exhibit shipping, the type and amount of packaging your trade show display requires has an environmental impact as well.  You can use packaging that is reusable, recyclable or made of recycled materials itself. Instead of petroleum-based plastic shipping containers, seek out containers made from recycled plastics or made of natural fibers like corrugated cardboard and bamboo.

Exhibit Waste. Have you ever considered how much waste is generated at a trade show? Consider the waste material your products will generate when you develop your trade show marketing plan. Promotional products that are made from recycled materials and do not come individually wrapped are much more “green” than individually wrapped products made from non-renewable resources.

Many companies provide plastic water bottles with their logo affixed to them as trade show giveaways. A more environmentally responsible approach would be to provide reusable water bottles that have been printed with your logo. The benefit is two-fold. Not only are you saving waste from going into a landfill, your name and image will be seen over and over again as the water bottle is re-used.

What About Price?

Price is often cited as a hurdle to purchasing green products. However, manufacturing changes, increased demand, and improvements in production are driving down the cost of green products. In some instances, the cost of a green trade show display is quite competitive with traditional displays and perhaps even less expensive.

Going green can be excellent PR for your company, particularly if your company has a green focus or has adopted a green business model.

4 Creative Trade Show Ideas To Improve Your ROI

Posted on: February 7th, 2009 by Darren No Comments

In the past, I’ve given you a number of trade show ideas that you can use to improve the success of your trade show marketing efforts. We’ve talked about promotional giveaways, motivating your booth staff, attracting visitors, and creating eye-catching trade show exhibits. Each contributes to your bottom line. Today, I’ll give you 4 creative trade show ideas that a lot of exhibitors haven’t considered.

#1 – Leverage The Media

Local newspapers, as well as radio and television stations are always searching for compelling stories to tell. If you can weave your marketing efforts around a newsworthy story, your business can attract free media coverage. Contact the trade show organizer for a list of local press outlets. Also, consider hiring a trade show advertising agency to help you develop an attractive press kit.

#2 – Give Booklets To Your Booth Visitors

The value of giving away key chains, tape measures, and similar promotional items to your booth visitors is questionable. Instead, consider giving them small booklets that you can fill with tips regarding how to use your products. There is an insatiable hunger for practical information that can be absorbed quickly and applied easily. By giving away information-dense booklets, you can sate that hunger while pre-selling your products to your target audience. Plus, they’re less likely to be thrown away and will keep your business name in front of your prospects longer.

#3 – Use Attention-Grabbing Trade Show Attractions

Classic video games, colorful prize wheels, and popcorn machines that send mouthwatering aromas into the trade show aisles can attract large audiences to your exhibit. These types of trade show attractions capture attendees’ attention and draw them in, encouraging them to investigate. When they visit, your booth staff can engage them in conversation in order to qualify them as prospective leads.

#4 – Repackage Your Presentation

The majority of people who attend trade shows are looking for new solutions. Uncovering an exciting new product can make the time spent on the convention floor seem worthwhile. If your product is dated, consider repackaging your presentation. You won’t be able to rely upon dazzling your booth visitors. Instead, talk about the features and benefits of using your product. Chances are, a large portion of your target audience will be familiar with your product, yet unaware regarding how it can solve their problems.

Rising Above The Noise

Most exhibitors follow the same menu of marketing tactics in their effort to draw people to their trade show booths. The problem is, they lack creativity. By taking action on tactics that other exhibitors neglect, you can rise above the noise and capture attendees’ attention. The 4 creative trade show ideas I’ve described above are easier to implement than you might imagine. The key ingredient is a willingness to take the first step.

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