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Trade Show Displays & Design

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Trade show displays act as a billboard advertising your services, products, or company at expos. Most attendees will only stop at booths that will attract their attention in less than three seconds as they walk past. One wrong design move could mean a loss of traffic and lead generation for you. Here are the top design tips you should be using for maximum results.

Have an Open Layouttrade-show-marketing-displays

It does not matter if you are using a small or massive booth, having an open layout will make it appear much larger and more inviting to potential customers. Keep the center of the booth clear of any debris that could be blocking traffic, such as products or tables. If you do need to put products on display, consider using shelves to keep your booth free from clutter or placing tables on the outer edges of your booth space

Emphasize Your Brand

If attendees have to walk up to your booth and ask who you are, then some changes need to be made. Strategically place your brand throughout the booth to be easily seen by attendees who are both walking down the trade show aisles and who are walking through your booth. The more your logo and company name is placed throughout the booth, the more it will be remembered by possible new clients.  

Graphics Should be Professional

Unless you have graphic experience, do not decide to try out Photoshop when trying to design your trade show display graphics. Amateur-looking graphics can actually hurt your results and give attendees the impression that you are a less-than-professional company. If you do not have a graphics department at your company, some trade show display vendors can create graphics for you.

Incorporate Contact and Social Media Information

Let your audience know exactly how they can connect with you outside of the trade show by including your social media pages, phone numbers, locations, and any further information they may find helpful. QR codes can also be added throughout the booth that will take attendees to a website page with this information. Literature, presentations, or videos should also include this information.  

The face-to-face interactions found at trade shows can help build your professional network, boost brand awareness, demonstration and launch new products, and capture leads. With these tips, you will get excellent results at your trade show exhibit.

About the Author:

Kristin Hovde is the Website Manager for Smash Hit Displays, an online company that sells trade show displays and accessories. She has written business, marketing, and trade show articles for many other websites, including, TSNN, Social Media Today, and Duct Tape Marketing.


Trade Show and Convention Display Ideas

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The convention booths that attendees are going to remember the most are the ones that have trade show games and activities that will keep them engaged while also informing them of what your company does. As important as trade show displays are at gaining your audience’s attention, it is the activities and booth staff that will turn their attention into a possible client. Here are some trade show ideas to take into consideration as you and your employees prepare for the upcoming event.

Choosing the Right StaffTrade Show Display Ideas

As you are deciding who will be in charge of your trade show booths, take a look at the itinerary of the event to find out what times there will be the most traffic on the trade show floor and what times will be the slowest. Your staffers with the highest energy, most upbeat attitude, and outgoing personalities should be in your display system during the busiest moments. Most conventions take place for over 10 hours a day, so it is a little unreasonable to expect them to stay upbeat if they don’t get the much-needed break they deserve. Having other employees manage your booth during the slow times, which is usually at the beginning and ending of the event, will allow for your high energy employees to stay on their game and represent your company well when they are on the trade show floor.

 Trade Show and Convention Display Ideas

The first thing attendees will notice is the look of your trade show displays and they will quickly decide whether or not it is worth stopping by. Many exhibitors assume that the more information they squeeze into their graphics, the more they will reach their targeted audience. I like to think of trade show graphics like billboards along the highway – they are simple with only one or two photos and a couple short sentences that let’s their target audience know who they are and what they do, and bold colors. You only have between 3 and 5 seconds to appeal to attendees, so keep it simple and they will come to you. Effective portable displays do not have to be expensive; whether you have banner stands, pop up displays, or truss systems, well-designed graphics is what will help them decide if they are or aren’t interested.

Trade Show Promotional Ideas

Giveaway and promotional items will definitely draw in a crowd at the event, but there are a couple questions you need to ask yourself before deciding what items your will be handing out:

  1. What’s my budget?
  2. Who’s my target audience?

First things first, having a specific budget in mind will make it much easier to make this big decision. Know what the total amount is that you want to spend as well the size of the event to decide how much to spend per item. For example, if you are going to a massive trade show like CES, there will be thousands of attendees so you will need to order more promotional items than if you were going to a convention that only had a few hundred attendees.

Second, your giveaways should be something that would appeal to your target audience as well as being related to your business. For example, if you were a painting company and wanted to attract more families, you may want to hand out paintbrushes with your company’s logo and name on it.

To save you money on expensive trade show promotional items, consider having two separate items: a large quantity of inexpensive items that you can hand out to everyone who stops by your booth and a few expensive items you can give to leads who are very interested in doing business with you. This way everyone will walk away with something to remember your trade show exhibit by, but the potential new clients will leave with a gift that will keep you in the front of their minds when they are ready to buy.


About the Author: Kristin Hovde is the Marketing Manager for Smash Hit Displays. We sell hundreds of portable displays to fit every style and budget, including banner stands, pop up displays, and custom displays.

How To Create Buzz At Your Next Trade Show

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Put A Little Vegas In Your Next Trade Show

Why do people go to trade shows? With plenty of consumer information readily available on the Internet, they can get much of the information they need by simply surfing on their tablet, laptop, or phone. Trade show exhibitors must offer something more to engage people that they cannot get from behind a screen. When deciding to participate in a trade show, exhibitors must ask themselves two vital questions: What are consumers looking for? And how are you going to deliver?

Trade Shows Must Exceed The Normal Customer Experience

No show does customer engagement better than the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), held every January in Las Vegas. The 2015 show included nearly 3,700 exhibits and attracted over 170,000 visitors who saw the newest phones, wearable technology, appliances, robots, and even a driverless car. In the vast, high-tech sea of exhibitors, not every booth was able to stay afloat. The most successful exhibitors were those that incorporated an array of techniques aimed at mesmerizing viewers, leaving an impression that far outlived the show itself.

How To Create A Buzz With Interactive Displays And Tradeshow Attractions

While many strategies were used to enthrall visitors, the most favorable incorporated the following:

  • Interactivity. Users can read about new cell phones, smart watches, interactive tablets with pen and touch displays, and video games on CNET, but CES is set up so visitors can see them up close and even try them. The hope is that the hands-on approach, in which consumers see and test products like the new Ultra HD 4K TVs with Quantum Dots, they are more likely to develop a liking for the product, ultimately leading to a purchase.
  • Larger-than-life displays. When it comes to capturing consumer attention, bigger is always better! To promote their home automation system, SmartThings constructed a four room smart home. As visitors could walked through, they could scan QR codes to trigger animated videos that explain the technology in use in each room.
  • Celebrities. Many companies at the show used celebrities to pitch their products. The current year’s show included an array of spokespersons and brand ambassadors, including Nick Cannon, Dr. Phil McGraw, Ryan Seacrest, and the rapper 50 Cent to engage visitors. These celebrities result in a large number of wholesale orders at the show and create a buzz around the product that will hopefully result in consumer sales. Post show advertising spots include the celebrity in an attempt to capitalize on the success of the show.
  • Visitor amenities. Walking a large tradeshow can be tiring for attendees. Not to mention the abundance of visual and auditory stimulation can get in the way of networking opportunities. Many companies supported visitor lounges. In the CES Social Media Lounge, there were plenty of opportunities to grab a coffee, charge your phone, rest your legs, and have conversations with important people in the industry, a group of colleagues or customers. Some companies, such as Skype, had their own lounge within the larger one where you could relax and connect.
  • More visitor engagement. In true Vegas spirit, the CES show offered many flashy games to attract crowds of interested attendees. Raffles, prize wheels, cash cubes, video games, and prize vaults with tie-ins to company products decked the aisles. Not every company in the show had a product launch or a major announcement at the show, so using tradeshow attractions allowed any company to engage attendees.

What Happened In Vegas Shouldn’t Stay In Vegas

Few shows attract the crowds of CES, but attendees at any show are eager for information. They also want and expect engaging technology and exciting attractions to make it worth attending the show live. To leave a lasting impression and achieve maximum ROI, be sure to incorporate the right mix of interactive displays, provide services and amenities to visitors, and incorporate attention-grabbers that might include colorful displays, celebrity spokespersons, and show attractions.

About the Author
Jon Edelman provides exciting trade show marketing ideas, including advice about prize wheels, customizable scratch-off cards, money blowing machines, and other exciting trade show attractions. With years of experience in the trenches, he is an expert on booth displays, lead generation techniques, and networking with trade show vendors. Helping to build a referral-generating system, his ideas continuously lead to a boost in sales and revenue.

Trade Show Marketing Trends For 2013: Engaging Tech Savvy Visitors

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tradeshow upcoming trendsTrade shows remain a great way to show off your products and talk face-to-face to potential clients, but the trade shows of today are not your father’s tradeshow. In the “old days,” starting in the 60s, you might place a few products on a table, hand out some literature, hope to engage in conversation, and get a business card so you could follow-up.

The goal of getting leads might be the same today, but the process is conducted in a very different atmosphere, characterized by interactive displays that are bright and eye-catching. Current trade show trends for 2013 reflect today’s fast paced culture and how people process information using technology.

Wowing The Sound Byte Generation

We live in a world of sound bytes, where people are attracted to products through catchy slogans, compelling graphics, and quick videos. Modern tradeshows play on these trends by depending less on the custom-built displays of the past and more on minimal displays with high-tech lighting and easily changeable banners. Even major exhibitors, whose booth occupies an area equivalent to a city block, count on the “wow” factor to woo visitors.

Engaging Through Interactive Displays

As an exhibitor, you must be friendly and show a willingness to engage, but interactive technology is now what gets people into the booth and promotes conversation. Touchscreen displays allow visitors to the booth to get information about your product and try it out. Many times, visitors come to the booth as a result of social media invitations to view demonstrations, not just endless loops of the company video. Some companies even offer interactive presentations via smartphones, which allows the attendees to play with the application long after the exhibitor has packed up and gone home. Booths might offer exciting games and contests, money blowing machines, and appealing giveaways in return for customers stopping by and giving up their contact information.

Giving Visitors Their Space

Your display might be a conversation starters for some attendees, but just as in a retail store, others are “just looking” and don’t want a salesperson hovering around them. Some exhibitors have created small areas where people can view information uninterrupted and then seek out a booth representative if they had a question. These companies have found that this approach increased the level of engagement with people who were looking for information on their own timetable.

Going Green

Gone are the days when an exhibitor would measure the success of a tradeshow by the amount of literature they distributed, while the attendee measured the value of the tradeshow by the pound collected! Rather than distributing costly brochures, companies are adding QR codes to their displays that attendees can capture on their smartphone or tablet and be directed to a website with the information they want. The approach is greener, costs exhibitors less, and cuts down the amount of literature that overburdened visitors throw away at the trade show exit.

Social Media For Trade Shows

Social media, both modern and green, allows marketers to do pre-show, in-show and post-show trade show marketing with a smaller trail of paper and minimal environmental impact. Your company can set up a page via your social media site that is a living piece of show history, which offers information about the show and your products, offers promotions, and allows for interaction with customers.

Modern trade show displays are more visually appealing and engaging in a way that is comfortable to their tech savvy visitors.

About the Author
Jonathan Edelman provides exciting trade show marketing ideas, including advice about prize wheels, customizable scratch-off cards, money blowing machines, and other exciting trade show attractions. With years of experience in the trenches, he is an expert on booth displays, lead generation techniques, and networking with trade show vendors. Helping to build a referral-generating system, his ideas continuously lead to a boost in sales and revenue.

5 Ways To Create An Irresistible Trade Show Booth

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5 Ways To Create An Irresistible Trade Show Booth Beyond the construction and lighting considerations for your trade show booth, there are a number of trade show marketing tactics you can use to attract attendees, keep their attention, and build goodwill and rapport. Each of these trade show marketing elements are essential to qualifying leads.

While the design of your exhibitor booth is important for creating a consistent theme and supporting your brand, it has less impact than many exhibitors realize. In this article, I’ll describe 5 smart trade show marketing tactics that will make your trade show booth irresistible.

#1 – Organize A Contest

Attracting visitors to your booth is the first step toward qualifying potential leads. Unfortunately, it’s often challenging because trade show attendees can easily be overwhelmed with hundreds of exhibitor booths throughout the trade show floor. However, if you’re willing to employ trade show marketing techniques that other exhibitors neglect, you can successfully draw crowds to your space. One of the most effective trade show marketing strategies is to create a contest in which attendees can win one of several prizes. For example, trade show attractions such as prize wheels, cash cube money blowing machines, and scratch cards can attract attention, create excitement at your booth, and leave a lasting impression.

#2 – Leverage Your Customers

Assuming you took the time before the event to let your customers know about your booth with some pre-trade show marketing and promotion, many of them will visit. Create a way for them to speak with attendees on your behalf. With a little creativity, you can partner with one or more of your customers to design a presentation that describes how your product helped their business. When visitors hear one of your customers extolling the virtues of your company and product, they’ll often be more receptive to the message.

#3 – Use Social Proof

Most people feel more comfortable making a decision when they know others have benefited from making the same choice. It’s called social proof and can have a dramatic effect on how others perceive your business. Set up a video monitor that displays a slideshow of your customers and includes their testimonials for your company. You can even record short snippets of interviews with your customers that play over and over. When convention attendees hear others describing the benefits of working with your company, it establishes social proof and encourages them to find out more.

#4 – Offer Useful Giveaways

Providing attractive, useful tradeshow giveaways is a proven marketing tactic for drawing people to your booth. Few things travel faster across the exhibit floor than news about high-quality giveaways. When attendees discover that you’re offering valuable promotional products, they won’t be able to resist the temptation. That doesn’t mean you need to give every visitor a premium item. Save the highest-quality giveaways for your best leads and offer other visitors less-expensive promotional products imprinted with your company’s name, logo, and contact information. The more useful they are, the longer they’ll continue advertising your company.

#5 – Train Your Booth Staff

A well-trained trade show booth staff can transform a mediocre exhibit into a captivating experience for visitors. If your employees know how to approach and interact with convention attendees, they’ll be far more effective in qualifying leads. Trade show visitors will be encouraged to speak openly with your staff, offering valuable information regarding their business needs and available budget.

Drawing People To Your Trade Show Booth

The 5 marketing ideas described above will require effort. The good news is that very few, if any, of your competitors will be proactive in doing these things. That makes it much easier for you to stand apart from the crowd. By investing the time to employ all 5 tactics, you’ll be able to grab attendees’ attention, encourage them to investigate, create rapport, qualify leads, and leave a positive lasting impression on your visitors.

Trade Show Booth Tips

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Survival Tips for Working a Trade Show Booth

Trade Show Booth Tips Trade shows in the beginning are an exhilaration rush, but quickly turn into drudgery for inexperienced exhibitors. Being properly prepared for the trade show floor will keep the trade show experience fun and help you stay attentive in your booth. A trade show exhibiting requires mental and physical stamina. Consider the physical stress of standing for long periods of time in one location. This is not typical for most sales staff. Long hours of dealing with people, the trade show environment, and the change in daily actives wears at an individual. Here are some tips to help make your trade show booth experience more enjoyable and successful.

  • Shoes – Don’t wear new shoes to a trade show. Purchase a good pair of shoes that have solid arch support and are comfortable. Purchase shoes weeks in advance and break them in prior to the show. Sore feet are a major problem on a trade show floor. Improper shoes will lead to leg and back fatigue which will lead to an irritable disposition. This is not the image to project to potential customers.
  • Clothing – Select sensible and conferrable clothing that you have worn previously. New clothes can be scratchy or make you feel uncomfortable. Dress in layers if possible. Typically the trade show floor is cool in the morning and by late afternoon excessively warm.
  • Low Energy – Most employees take a lunch break, but a trade show booth requires staffing the entire day. Arrange for lunch breaks. Don’t bring food to your booth. Most trade show managers have a no eating in booth clause which is outlined in your registration contract. Leave the booth and get food. The break, along with the food will revitalize and give you the energy to finish the day off strong.
  • Bring Water – Make sure you bring water to keep yourself hydrated. Convention facilities are not like a house, they don’t have a humidifier to help keep the air clean and moist. The dry air along with continuous explaining your company’s products and services can weaken your voice.
  • Partying the Night Before – If you are visiting a city like Las Vegas it is very tempting to say out all night and party. What you do the night before will come back and haunted you the very next day. Plan your event prior to the trade show. Eliminating impromptu partying will minimize hangovers and prepare you both mentally and physically for the next day.
  • Booth Survival Kit – Aspirin, Eye Drops, Band-Aids and Tums can keep the staff functioning at 100%. Trade show lights, noise and physical stress can cause headaches. Many people complain of eye irritation from the dust in the air, carpeting fibers and allergies. Eye drops can refresh and soothe weary eyes and give the added relief to both contact and no-contact wears. It never fails somebody will require a Band-Aid or safety pin so it’s best to have them on hand. Choose your favorite anti-acid because trade show cafeterias are not fine dining cuisine.
  • Take a Break – Breaks are leaving the booth to visit other vendors. The change in scenery along with movement will increase blood flow to the body and bring the energy level up.
  • Breath Mints – Hours of talking, drinking water, and trade show food can cause halitosis. Bring enough for the entire sales team. The minty flavor along with the sugar will boost your energy level.
  • Boredom/Slowdowns – Every trade show traffic pattern has peaks and valleys. When booth traffic slows, networking with other exhibitors should become a priority. At this time other vendors are looking to do something and are vulnerable to a sales pitch. Be respectful and listen to their pitch as intensively as they listen to yours.

Marketing Success Tips From

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Understanding the secrets to trade show success is one of the most important things you can do to make the most of your tradeshow marketing budget. But where do you learn the secrets and tips that can save you thousands of dollars and win you high-quality leads too? The first thing to do is identify learning resources, and then take advantage of them. At we have plenty of resources to get you started on the path to trade show marketing success.

The Importance Of Trade Show Marketing

The fundamental concepts behind tradeshow marketing are not much different than any other type of marketing: connect with your customers and get them to invest in your product or service.

The trouble with trade show marketing is that because the events are so large scale and visible, require so much investment of time and money and occur rather infrequently, there’s a lot riding on the success of your trade show participation. It’s easy to point the finger at a trade show as a waste of precious marketing dollars, but in reality, trade shows can be some of the most profitable marketing methods available to you.

Think about what a trade show gives you that not many other marketing efforts can: the chance to connect with hundreds, if not thousands, of potential new clients face-to-face. Trade shows are marketing gold mines if done correctly.

Trade shows give you the chance to:

  • Connect with potential customers directly. As great as the internet and phones are for information-gathering or initiating conversations, a personal connection between your booth staff and new customers can turn a “maybe” sale into a “yes, definitely” sale.
  • Showcase your products in real life. There’s something to be said for seeing and touching a product in person. Computers and brochures just can’t do that.
  • Provide instant Q & A sessions. Trade shows give you the chance to engage customers in real, live conversations. No texting, no email, no phone tag. Face-to-face questions and answers about your business, services, or products.
  • Meet with a highly targeted market. Trade shows give you access to a very specific group of people who are in the market for your services or products. This is why identifying your target market and the appropriate trade shows at which to exhibit is so important.

Trade Show Marketing Resources

Very few of the clients we work with are dedicated trade show marketers. Most of them wear many hats and putting together an effective trade show marketing plan or display is just one of them. If this sounds like you, you’re probably wondering where to start or how to improve the ROI on your trade show participation.

You’ll find everything you need to develop intriguing, informative, cost-effective and successful trade show displays right here at Discover tips and advice on developing a realistic budget, purchasing the perfect display for your needs, creating appropriate and effective messaging and connecting with your target audience.

Some of the many helpful resources you’ll find on include:

  • A wide selection of books
  • And MUCH more!

Take some time to explore You’ll find plenty of useful information to help you create your strongest trade show presence yet!

About the author

Jonathan Edelman is a trade show marketing consultant with more than a decade of experience in the trade show and conference marketing arena. Jonathan is the founder of Promotion Store, an online ad specialties store offering more than 750,000 imprintable tradeshow giveaway items. Edelman is also the founder of the premier trade show vendors directory Trade Show

Turn Your Booth into a Captivating Story

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Once upon a time, everyone was a teller of tales. People told stories as they worked to pass the time or to pass along valuable information about their heritage. The art of storytelling evolved naturally because some people preferred telling tales of heroes, myths and legends while others preferred listening to them. Today in our fast moving world, the need to tell stories is perhaps greater than ever. Stories allow the masses to connect with ideas and dreams. They give them an excuse to move away from the 140 character bite to become immersed in something greater than themselves while sparking their imagination and intellect to open the doors of possibilities.

Stories involved many senses. The listener wants more than just seeing, they need to feel, taste, hear and smell. The more senses the story awakens the stronger is the listener’s interest. There are many places where a business storyteller can perform magic; movie theatres (product placements), television (commercials) and an exhibition (a careful blend of display hardware and well-prepared staff). Creating compelling stories is more than simple fabrication. It requires a thought out approach which, when executed properly, will make doing business easier. When a story is told in the context of your product or brand, it offers the customer a moment of entertainment. Here for a brief moment they can escape into another world, where they are the protagonist, and sense how your solutions might make a difference to them.

Stories are not just for those exhibitors in a B to C situation. B to B exhibitors also need to ask what appeals to their customers and build a story that satisfies this focus.

Tips for the Exhibition Storyteller


Select a story appropriate to the interests, and demographics of the audience. Think about some of the themes that major brands have used in their storytelling:

  • · Sharing a beverage with friends;
  • · Participating in the adventure of a lifetime;
  • · Living a secret dream or ambition;
  • · Finding a satisfying lifestyle;
  • · Fulfilling a romantic fantasty;
  • · Eating like a gourmet.
  • · Being the recipient of praise from your boss and colleagues

These story themes are deliberately chosen to resonate with the specific desires and needs of the target audience.


If you have ever read to a child, you know that repetition of key phrases, concepts or the rhythm of the prose is what keeps their interest. In the past, brand messages, logos and colors have been an excellent way of reinforcing what you want remembered. But take your storytelling one step further and ensure that repetition is included in your entire exhibition plan: your promotional efforts, signage and graphics, clothing and most importantly how well your staff brings the story to life.

Build suspense

You want stories that build up suspense and result in a good climax, preferably tales where characters speak for themselves rather than in straight narratives. This is where your crafting is crucial. Storytelling is difficult. It might make sense to hire a professional writer to do the job. However, if you chose to do it yourself remember the process may require lots of re-writes until it’s right. Don’t be discouraged, with each draft you can solicit feedback and then incorporate these comments and ask for more.

Animate your story

Your story starts when your staff smile and make eye contact with a visitor. What happens next is crucial. When staff repeats, by rout, a story they have memorized it often comes across as boring and insincere. This is where the role of rehearsal is so important. Encourage your staff to tell the story in their own words then have them tell it to a colleague over and over again until it becomes second nature.

Develop a solid opener

Once you have introduced yourself to the attendee and engaged them in conversation begin your story with an opener such as:

  • · “Let me tell you a story…”
  • · “It goes like this…”
  • · “It all began when…”

Pull it all together

A well crafted and executed story will bring the attendee to a place where they’re hanging on every word to find out how the story ends. At this point you move away from the story back to reality by saying something like:

“Let me tell you what happens…”

“As you can well imagine…”

“Our story has a happy ending…”

At this moment you unfold your happy ending in a way that delivers the solution your attendee was always looking for. Using a well-crafted story lets you stand out in a crowd of exhibitors busy pitching their products and services. It engages the visitor on a deep level and leaves them satisfied that your solution will alleviate the concerns they may have.


    About the author:

Barry Siskind delivers over 100 keynotes, workshops, and seminars around the world each year. In addition to clients in North America, Barry has worked with exhibitors in Sao Paulo, Brazil; Bogotá, Columbia; Lisbon, Portugal; Bangkok, Thailand; Moscow, Russia; Zagreb, Croatia; and Quito, Ecuador. Barry Siskind,

3 Ideas to Transform Your Trade Show Booth into a People Magnet

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3 Ideas to Transform Your Trade Show Booth into a People Magnet

3 Ideas to Transform Your Trade Show Booth into a People Magnet

As any seasoned trade show visitor knows, trade shows can sometimes be a showcase of imitation at its best. There are rows upon rows of booths all shouting the same thing, giving away the same branded pens, with staff wearing the same clothes and bland expressions.To draw crowds and be memorable, it is essential that your booth stand out from the crowd. In a trade show environment, this is as simple as adding a little creative excitement to your trade show marketing.Imagination is the enemy of imitation. With creativity, imagination, and a healthy sense of humor, your trade show marketing efforts will leave an impression that extends far beyond the trade show floor. Here are a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing:

Trade Show Marketing Idea #1: Live Performers

People love being entertained. Bringing a little bit of theater, drama, and spectacle to your booth will draw a crowd and keep them there. While non-live performances can work, some of the most effective trade show marketers incorporate live performances.

Live performance artists can range from the downright weird to the classically cultured. A contortionist will shock and amaze, a magician will dazzle, a band will entertain, and a harp player will soothe. To increase the marketing power of the live performance, try to connect it to your product or service.

For example, at a recent trade show for kitchens and bathrooms, one well-known bathroom company drew a crowd that spilled over their stand and into the pathways. In two of the bathtubs lay a beautiful bikini-clad model blowing bubbles into the crowd. If that wasn’t enough, in the shower display, three similarly dressed models danced to a DJ’s tunes under the running water — a little risqué maybe but highly effective.

Trade Show Marketing Idea #2: Cash Cube Money Machines

1000s of Custom Logo Imprinted Trade Show Giveaways at Discount Prices! Promotion Store.comIf sex sells, then money is the next big motivator. Cash cube money machines are the trade show marketing answer to this tantalizing motivator. Cash cube money machines look a little bit like a phone booth – but that is where the similarities end! The money machine is filled with money (either real or custom printed promotional money) and then sealed off with a chosen contestant inside. The money is blown around the cube, creating a visual spectacle. The contestant then has twenty to thirty seconds to grab as much ‘money’ as they can.

Cash cube money machines are particularly good at creating media buzz. Apply pre-trade show marketing by taking out a promotional advertisement in the trade show catalogue, or by running a contest advertisement in a prominent newspaper or radio station to encourage attendees to visit your booth and win a chance to enter the money machine.

Trade Show Marketing Idea #3: Outside The Box Booth Design

Another fantastic trade show marketing attention grabber is unusual or fun booth design. There are companies that specialize in creating these sorts of displays and will often have a portfolio of previous booth designs to inspire you. The best out-of-the-box booth designs will relate to brand or target audience, or even better, both.

One recent example at a trade show of an exciting booth design was from a children’s shoe company. The show, being open to the public, was full of parents with their children. Knowing that it is often impossible to get children to sit down long enough to try on shoes they turned their booth into a sandpit. This spectacle caught the attention of the children first, who dragged their parents toward the stand. The children then played happily in the sandpit long enough to try on two, three, or four pairs of shoes. Needless to say, sales for this company went through the roof that day.

About the author

Jonathan Edelman is a trade show marketing consultant with more than a decade of experience trade show and business marketing arena. Edelman is the creator of Ideas 4 Now, a trade show marketing company and creator of the Blizzard of Dollars Cash Cube Money Machine. In addition to hardcase and inflatable money blowing machines, Ideas 4 Now provides consulting for a variety of industry specific niches including bank marketing, casino marketing, and more.

Making Your Trade Show Booth Come Alive

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Cash Cube Money Blowing MachineWhenever I attend a trade show, I take a walk across the floor to see the other booths and displays. I enjoy seeing the measures that others are taking to attract business to their trade show booths because it can be a fantastic way to get new ideas. However, more often than not, other booth owners end up asking my advice.

Over the years, I’ve developed a reputation for attracting swarms of traffic to my client’s trade show booths. I’ve sharpened my marketing techniques largely by doing what others neglect to do. When you’ve been in the trade show industry as long as I have, you tend to see what others miss.

Entertainment And Trade Show Marketing

Have you ever noticed how gypsies entertain their crowds? They lure people in with a dazzling presentation. Crowds love to be entertained. I’ve been using this concept for years to attract people to my trade show booths. I’ve encouraged my clients to do the same thing and they’re reporting amazing results.

Entertaining the people who walk by my booths is one of my secrets for dominating trade shows. If you want attendees to stop and take notice of your booth and displays, entertain them.

Thrill Brings The Masses

Everyone loves a game of skill and chance. The mere sight of a high stakes game can quicken the pulse – even if you’re not the one playing! In all my years of successful trade show marketing, cash cube money machines have brought some of the largest crowds I’ve seen. In my experience, they’re one of the most effective tools for attracting attention.

Imagine a compartment that’s about the size of a phone booth. It’s enclosed, but transparent. You can see right through it. Someone stands inside and closes the door behind them. Money, prize vouchers, or coupons – whichever you choose to stock the money machine with – begins blowing wildly through the compartment. Contestants have 30 seconds to catch as much as they can possibly grab and then keep what they catch.

Do you think that spectacle might attract some attention? I’ve witnessed firsthand the powerful lure these money booths can have on trade show attendees. You can find more information about them at

My Trade Show Marketing Advice

The marketing advice that I’m giving you on this blog comes from hard-earned experience. I’ve been honing my trade show strategies for years and I’d like to help you avoid the mistakes I’ve seen other booth owners commit.

Every attendee who walks by your booth represents an opportunity. Take advantage of it. Entertain them and you’ll find your trade show booths drawing larger and larger crowds. Soon, other booth owners may begin asking you for advice!

How To Conduct Winning Trade Show Product Demonstrations

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Product demonstrations can have a significant impact on the level of success you achieve at trade shows. If you can arrange to have Tom Hanks mincing vegetables with your wonder knife you just might attract a crowd. Since that’s probably not going to happen, we have included some tips that can help ensure you have a winning product demonstration.

If your product has moving parts – make them move! By having several people in the booth demonstrating the motions of your product you will attract more attention. If appropriate, add some humor or say things to attract attention.”This was the last item Leonardo De Vinci created.” “Our product is considered to be a must have item for the space shuttle.” Get a little loud and have some fun.

Quick Product Demonstration

People have a short attention span, so try to wrap up the demonstration after about five minutes go by. A short demonstration helps to entice them into wanting more information. Before people leave, try your best, with out being pushy to get the attendees to handle your product.

If you have a superior product, you might want your assistant to quickly demonstrate a competitor’s inferior item and then immediately perform a demonstration with your top-quality item.

Product Demonstration -The Benefits

When showcasing the product, stress the benefits attendees can achieve by purchasing your item. Learning about benefits is typically more compelling than learning just about the features.

During the product demonstration, tell a few quick stories regarding actual customers and the benefits they received from your merchandise. Unique stories work the best.

Make sure the audience you have attracted is rewarded for spending their time watching your trade show product demonstration. Offer them a discount or perhaps a two for one deal. Provide them a giveaway item that is associated with your product.

If you want to be successful, be creative and don’t be shy with your trade show product demonstrations.

Tips For Making Your Trade Show Booth Irresistible

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tradeshow relevant ideasHow can you entice trade show attendees to your booth? You could hand out sapphires but that might break the company’s decade budget…You could create a booth featuring Italianate architecture but that might seem a bit too posh. Let’s take a look at some easy trade show promotion ideas you can utilize to compel people to walk into your booth.

One of the easiest trade show promotions is offering free food. Make sure it’s tasty and somewhat unique. (Don’t pass out the standard chocolate chip cookie!) Frankly, nothing beats the aroma of fresh popped popcorn or the visual of an antique popcorn machine. It is not only inexpensive, but also effective marketing. Another excellent choice is custom-labeled bottles of water. Trade show attendees are often thirsty — making a cold bottle of water difficult to pass up!

Trade Show Promotions – Contests

Host a booth contest that offers a noteworthy prize. If the winner receives nothing but a firm handshake it might not be a successful contest. It’s best to offer a prize that is associated with your business, however, a high-tech gadget can also attract attention to your trade show booth. Make sure the attendees have to place their business card in a box or fill out a short form to participate in the contest. You now have more customers to add to your mailing and telephone call list.

Trade Show Promotions – Booth Design

Another way to attract attendees to your booth is to make the booth area comfortable and inviting. Include some chairs and small tables or even a sofa so that people can rest for a bit. Not only will this bring them over to your booth, but it also presents your sales people with ample opportunity to forge relationships and generate leads.

Booth graphics also play a big part in whether or not attendees visit your booth. Make sure graphics are simple and eye-catching. Work with a professional graphics designer whenever possible to ensure your booth graphics are not only nice to look at, but are also an effective part of your overall marketing campaign.

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