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Three Ways to Maximize Your Trade Show Investment

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A trade show is an investment in your company, and you should take the time to treat it as such. It may seem simple, but it takes time to develop measurable goals for the show. Here are three trade show strategies to help you market your company and maximize your return on investment.

Plan Ahead 

  • Determine Your focus: Will you be launching a new product? Promoti31943028 - trade show meaning world fair and exportng brand awareness? Building a fresh leads list?  Each of these goals require a unique approach.
  • Research the Show and Its Attendees: Is this the proper venue for what you are trying to achieve? Will this be the right show for you to push retail sales or build business relationships? How many of your direct competitors will also have booths? How will you stand out from them?
  • Be Memorable: Interest creates interest! Capture attention by renting a Cash Cube Money Blowing Machine or Bingo Blower. Renting or purchasing a trade show attraction is just a phone call away! How about some useful custom promotional items? Consider options like custom USB drives, household tools or sports items.

Promote Before and After The Show

  • Social Media: Once you plan the details your event, get the word out well in advance. People will be excited to visit your booth for the chance to spin the Prize Wheel or play a custom Scratch Card.
  • Trade Show Publications: Each show will offer several ways for companies to participate in their printed material.  Print a voucher for an extra turn on a Plinko Board to attract people to stop by your booth. Do a half or full-page color advertisement listing all of the attractions at your booth to ensure guarantee that your booth has a crowd of people waiting to try their hand at attractions like the Prize Safe!
  • Leads, Leads, Leads!: Maximize your social media efforts by collecting relevant information as part of the effort. These generated leads can be turned into appointments booked at the show. Don’t stop there – follow up with leads after the show and offer company consolation prizes for being a valued part of your audience.

Be Ready

  • Staff Accordingly: Whether you are looking for new clients, retail customers or to develop relationships with existing clients, make sure you bring your company’s best! Ensure your staff is aware of your goal for the show so that they can help you achieve it. Assign each booth attendant an area of focus and direct attendees accordingly to keep the booth running smoothly during peak times.
  • Too Much is Better Than Not Enough: Make sure you have enough staff coverage – if traffic is slow any extra employees can be sent home. It’s better to have too many promotional products to giveaway than not enough.

There are so many ways to make yourself memorable. It’s worth the effort to plan in advance and maximize the benefit for your trade show investment!!

Custom Tradeshow Exhibits

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Custom Exhibits In the world of marketing and advertisement it is important for your trade show display to stand out and have unique marketable characteristics to represent your company. These characteristics are a great way to attract the attention of people. Trade show attendees get fixated on things that are not ordinary, but are different and beautiful. If you are trying to sell some goods or products, it is important to have an attractive display.  This will ensure that your exhibit has a high foot fall that may get translated into revenues.

Custom Exhibits are one such thing that you cannot avoid in the present global scenario. As opposed to the readymade exhibits, the custom exhibits are far more suitable to convey your message to the
people out there, who are looking at the display placed in your exhibiting area.

In order to create the custom exhibit, you need to have a clear conception about the theme of your display pavilion. The custom trade show exhibit should be created keeping in mind the theme, the products, and the space that you will be using for your exhibiting area. Your trade show display should be used as branding piece and the colors and should represent your company accordingly.

In a consumer show, it is important that your booth looks impressive and captures the attention of the show attendees. In that case, the readymade displays won’t have the drawing power or appeal to attract the visitors. You need to go with a custom trade show exhibit, which are meant to serve your exact requirements. The custom trade show displays are made just for you and so, they will represent the attitude and the concepts that you and your products stand for. The custom trade show displays can be made up of a combination of various materials, starting from aluminum, wood, fabric, vinyl, all the way to a lighted display. It depends upon your liking and the budget that you have set forth for production. You can even choose the colors and the patterns that go into the designing of the custom trade show displays. However, it’s best to find a reputable display company that can walk you through the custom exhibit process. From the beginning design stages to production working with company that provides these services will only save you time and money.

Designing is a very important part, when we are talking about the trade show exhibits. The design is the thing that catches the imagination of the onlookers and brings them to your stall. So, you must be careful about the trade show exhibit design. You must keep in mind the product range that you will be showcasing in that trade show. You must also decide from before hand if you are planning to emphasize any specific products
in that trade show. The trade show exhibit design must represent all this. The color scheme of the exhibit design must also reflect the outlook of your company and must be bright too, to attract the probable customers.

4 Trade Show Exhibit Questions That You Must Ask Yourself

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4 Trade Show Exhibit Questions That You Must Ask Yourself Months before a trade show, you need to carefully plan the objectives that you hope to accomplish. Approaching the event haphazardly will not only sabotage your efforts, but it can disrupt your brand, waste your time and that of your employees, and cause your business to hemorrhage cash flow.

By investing time upfront to review your objectives and plan the design of your trade show exhibit, you can ensure that your efforts aren’t wasted. Below, I’ll provide the 4 critical questions that you must ask yourself before the event.

#1 – “What Is My Goal For The Trade Show?”

Some exhibitors attend trade shows in order to sell their products on the floor. Others are there to meet their customers and collect leads with whom to follow up afterward. Still others are there primarily to network with trade show vendors, establishing business relationships in order to attract referrals. Surprisingly, a lot of exhibitors attend events without having a clear objective in mind. When you know your goals, you can design your trade show exhibit for maximum impact. You can reserve a conference in which to speak with key customers. Much of your success is dependent upon how well you plan.

#2 – “What Image Do I Want To Project?”

The image that you project to attendees is completely within your control. The graphics that you incorporate into your trade show exhibit should evoke an immediate emotional response as attendees walk by your booth. If your business has recently launched an innovative new product, your graphics and booth construction should project an image that supports it. If you’re already established at the top of your industry, your booth and staff must clearly convey – and even define – that image. Doing this effectively requires spending time long before the event to plan your strategy.

#3 – “How Can I Conserve Cash Flow?”

Your trade show budget is obviously limited. The further you can make that budget stretch, the more you’ll be able to do with the resources you have available. Think about the construction and lighting of your trade show exhibit. Lighter materials will often be more cost-effective and can still meet your needs. Consider the promotional products that you’re giving to your visitors and leads. Think about the marketing collateral that you’re offering. Each of these areas represent an opportunity to reduce your costs.

#4 – “How Will I Attract Visitors?”

You’ll have less than 30 seconds with which to make an impact on attendees. The design of your trade show exhibit graphics, the size of your space, and the outgoingness of your booth staff each play a role in attracting visitors. Plan your strategy months before the event. Train your employees. Consider using a prize wheel, cash cube, or other trade show attractions. Set up a video monitor that captures the attention of attendees. Finding an effective way to bring targeted prospects to your trade show exhibit is at the heart of your success.

Planning For Success

Once you’ve spent several years attending trade shows, you’ll notice that many exhibitors seem to approach the events recklessly. In some cases, their efforts will seem stretched in too many directions; they’ll chase multiple goals and meet none of them. Or, the image they’re conveying to attendees might be confusing due to baffling use of colors, graphics, and typography. You’ll notice some vendors hemorrhaging cash flow while others seem unable to attract visitors. These things are within your control. By asking yourself ahead of time how you’ll approach them, you can improve your chances of success at the show.


About the author:

Jonathan Edelman provides helpful advice about trade show strategies. With years of experience in the trenches, he is an expert on booth displays, follow up techniques, and using trade show marketing strategies to boost revenue.


5 Factors To Consider When Designing Your Trade Show Exhibit

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5 Factors To Consider When Designing Your Trade Show Exhibit The design of your trade show exhibit plays a critical role in presenting your company to attendees at the event. There is an art to designing it properly. Creating a memorable booth is only the beginning; it must also be inviting to your visitors, offer branding and thematic consistency, and communicate a clear benefits-driven message.

Too often, convention exhibitors focus solely upon being ostentatious. While flashiness can add value to your trade show booth in the right circumstances, it should only be considered a means to an end. Below, you’ll discover 5 essential factors to designing your next trade show exhibit.

#1 – Less Is More

Don’t be tempted to cram your available trade show booth space with unnecessary logos, slogans, and other messages. Even small trade shows can be a visual assault as each exhibitor struggles to capture attendees’ attention. Take a contrarian approach; keep your trade show booth design elements simple and concise. Communicate the most important benefits of your products and leave everything else out. The less you include, the more memorable your trade show exhibit will be.

#2 – Appeal To The Senses

Reaching attendees through visual appeal is potent, but that’s what every exhibitor is trying to do. Try to grab attention by appealing to the other senses, as well. For example, play music through a speaker system, have a video game contest, and use other trade show attractions such as popcorn machines. Freshly-made food and snacks can send irresistible scents wafting through the aisles, drawing visitors to your exhibit.

#3 – Brand And Theme

Your exhibit booth should promote your company’s brand and theme consistently. While your business’s brand and image will likely remain static, thematic elements can be fluid and dynamic based upon your products and the type of show at which you’re exhibiting. The graphics you use, your trade show booth construction and lighting, and even your employees’ clothes should all work together seamlessly to support your brand and theme.

#4 – Construction And Lighting

When it comes to construction materials, you’re not limited to metal, wood, and glossy posters. Consider using lightweight fabric for a backdrop and self-locking pop-up displays. They’ll be easier to ship, install, and dismantle, and can deliver the impact your trade show booth needs. Also, keep in mind that lighting is a key element for creating mood and showcasing certain products. Well-placed halogen lights can attract visitors’ attention to important areas of your exhibit while suspended light bars and backlighting create a subtle effect that makes a lasting impression.

#5 – Interactivity

Touch screens and kiosks are becoming more popular as lead-generating solutions at trade shows. You can deploy them to support your booth staff in qualifying leads. By asking your visitors to enter their contact information through a touch screen, you encourage their participation. With a little creativity, you can program a kiosk to ask questions that separate prospects from high-quality leads with whom to follow up later. Then, you can offer an assortment of tradeshow giveaways based upon their answers.

Your Trade Show Marketing Goals

The key to designing an effective trade show exhibit is to remember your objective for the event. Every element should be considered with regards to how it promotes your brand, markets your products, and helps to qualify leads. Your goal is not to impress attendees or competitors with dazzling graphics; it’s not to feed hungry visitors. Nor is it to entertain those who pass by your booth. All of those are merely means to an end.

Your objective should remain consistent with your overall trade show marketing plan: to establish a foundation upon which to build your business for long-term success. That means attracting visitors, qualifying leads, and following up after the event. Your trade show booth design is one important piece of a larger strategy.

Low-Cost Trade Show Marketing Ideas

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Trade show booths are expensive. Plus, the cost of the displays can be outrageous. But, there’s plenty you can do to keep your trade show marketing costs down so you don’t blow your budget. It just takes a little creativity. Below, I’ll give you 3 ideas you can use at your next trade show to preserve your cash flow.

Idea #1: The Walking Billboard

Thousands of trade show attendees walk by booths and fail to notice the signs. It’s natural. We develop a certain blindness to stationary signs during the chaos of a trade show. But, here’s where a little ingenuity kicks in. Create a sandwich board with the name of your business and the benefits that your product delivers. Either wear it yourself or pay someone else to do it right outside your booth. It grabs attention and doesn’t cost much.

Idea #2: Working With Trade Show Enemies

Savvy trade show marketing involves doing what others aren’t. Before the trade show, contact 1 or 2 of your competitors who are planning to have booths at the show. Strike a deal with them. Trade fliers. Place their fliers on your booth and have them place yours on their booths. No company can be everything to everyone. This is an opportunity to leverage floor space without having to pony up the extra cash for another booth.

This idea works even better if you can identify 1 or 2 other companies with complementary products. For example, if you sell state-of-the-art mail servers, strike a deal with another trade show booth owner who installs Exchange. The referrals are built-in. It’s a win-win situation.

Idea #3: The Friendly Email

You’d be surprised by how many business owners fail to contact their best customers and strongest leads before going to a trade show. Send them an email and ask them to stop by your booth. It takes 5 minutes to write the email and won’t cost you a dime. If they’re already planning to attend the trade show, it’s a great opportunity for you to either gain a new customer or to build relationships with current customers.

Keeping Your Trade Show Marketing Costs Down

The further you stretch your trade show marketing budget, the greater leverage you’ll enjoy from your efforts. When you walk by other booths, notice how other companies are spending their budget. Most businesses lack creativity. But, if you put the tips in this post into action, you’ll save money and outlast some of your competitors.

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