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Dare to Be Different: An Old Marketing Idea Becomes New Again

Posted on: February 21st, 2011 by Darren No Comments

In today’s world of tradeshow marketing, it seems that just about everyone has jumped on the social networking band wagon. With more than 500 million users and 50% of those logging onto the site every day, Facebook is the frontrunner in social networking sites. With these statistics, it’s easy to see why social networking is quickly gaining popularity as an effective tradeshow marketing tool.

However, when the majority of businesses start doing the same type of convention marketing, after a while even a new thing can become redundant. While social networking is certainly an effective way to market your tradeshow attractions to your audience before, during and after the show, it shouldn’t be the only marketing you rely on. This is why I would like to suggest that you dare to be different.  Since everyone is texting or messaging through various social networking sites, why not get back to basics and use a more personal touch for your tradeshow marketing?

The Personal Touch

Years ago, sales people made sure to touch base with their potential buyers by making a phone call just to say ‘hi.’  Everyone knew that it was important to stay in touch with clients through regular calls. Today, technology provides us with a variety of communication tools that seem to be making the phone call almost a thing of the past.

Because most people are emailing and texting on a daily basis, the shift to this technology for a tradeshow marketing medium just makes sense. Of course, it’s obvious that we’re all very busy; so texting, e-mail messages and social networking are also very convenient and valuable tools. But with so many people communicating this way, doesn’t it make sense to do something different once in a while?

Why not make that phone call or even make an in-person visit if it’s possible so that customers connect with you on a more personal level. Give them a sneak peek of the cash cube you plan to feature in your tradeshow attractions for the next show, and personally invite them to stop by your booth to see your new product demonstration. Taking the time to apply the ‘personal touch’ to your tradeshow marketing might do more to solidify a sale than anything you’ve done most recently.

Give Customers More Than They Expect

As a tradeshow professional, I don’t have to tell you about the importance of friendly, open, face-to-face communication when you’re presenting at your tradeshow booth. In fact, it’s one of the most important aspects of convention marketing, particularly because this is your opportunity to shine.

However, whether you’re using tradeshow attractions to promote something at your booth that is high tech, or if you have an exciting new product that you’re eager to introduce, your objective is to give your customers more than they expect. In other words, if you focus your attention on people through a more personal touch, in combination with social networking and text messaging, you have a greater opportunity of being remembered and gaining a positive reputation.

If you have used social networking effectively in your tradeshow marketing strategy before and during the show, chances are you will have a full house at your booth. Then all you have to do is put a voice or a face to your company or product and you’ll be amazed at the effect you’ll have on potential buyers. Social networking is indeed the future of tradeshow marketing, but it shouldn’t be your only strategy. At the end of the day, customers still appreciate the personal touch, and a combination of technology and face-to-face communication makes a winning combination.

Give Customers A Reason To Care

Remember, you ask buyers to make an investment in your products and you hope they will love what they buy. For that reason, it’s important that customers know you care. Keep in mind that most businesses, especially those presenting at a tradeshow, rely heavily on personal contact. Why not take the opportunity to dare and be different? Start maintaining good relationships right from the start by establishing a more personal touch, then combine that with social networking marketing strategies, and watch your business grow!

Tradeshow Marketing: New Technologies In Mass Communication Make It Simple

Posted on: January 13th, 2011 by Darren No Comments

Tradeshow MarketingTradeshow marketing doesn’t begin and end on the trade show floor. For real success, you need to generate buzz prior to the event and follow up with anyone who visited your trade show booth after the show is over. You need to communicate with clients and associates weeks or even months in advance to and continue to communicate with leads long after you’re back in your office.

The “before and after” phases of tradeshow marketing can be time consuming and expensive, but it’s crucial to make contact with any leads before and after each trade show in order to keep your company’s name fresh in the minds. Communications researchers have determined that the name of a company, product or service doesn’t “stick” until listeners have heard it at least three times, preferably in a variety of contexts. Using more than one mode of communication (face-to-face at the show, via Internet, and by phone, for example) for your tradeshow marketing helps cement your message as well.

Incident Notification Systems Evolved Out Of Need

A recent innovation in mass communications tailored to client needs is the popularity of incident notification systems. Several companies, including Send Word Now (,  offer this unique and easy to use instant communication technology. Although initially developed out of the need for a faster, more efficient way to notify groups in the event of a disaster or potentially dangerous situation, it has quickly been embraced by businesses that need to communicate to large groups for sales force communications, conference calls, and corporate communications. It’s also a great tradeshow marketing tool.

How “Send Word Now” Can Boost Your Tradeshow Marketing Power

Today, companies around the globe are relying on Send Word Now’s easy incident notification system to quickly and efficiently relay their message. With Send Word Now, you can send any convention marketing message, simultaneously to computers, laptops, cell phones, Blackberries, landlines and pagers. Recipients can then respond individually from any of these communications systems.

Generate Interest Prior To Each Trade Show

Imagine the value this can add to your tradeshow marketing! A few months in advance of your next trade show, simply send out a mass tradeshow marketing notification to all your prior and current customers, potential customers, and business associates announcing your attendance at the next trade show to create buzz before the event. A quick reminder a week or two before the show will ensure it’s on everyone’s calendar.

Tradeshow Marketing During The Event

Tradeshow marketing messages sent via Send Word Now can also keep conference or trade show attendees in the loop throughout the event. Are you holding a raffle, featuring a prize wheel or demonstrating new products? Sending out an alert can stimulate more interest and ensure no one misses a demonstration. You can also use Send Word Now to entice visitors by giving them a clue or the answer to a question that will result in some type of reward if they use it when visiting your booth.  Any trade show attendees who might have been wavering about visiting will likely take the time to drop by once they receive your message.

Easy Follow Up

One of the most tedious aspects of convention marketing is following up new leads after the trade show is over, but Send Word Now makes it incredibly simple. You can send instant messages, emails or even a personalized voice mail message to anyone who stopped at your booth, as well as a “Sorry we missed you” message to anyone you didn’t see at the tradeshow.

The new tradeshow marketing possibilities with Send Word Now are endless. You can use it to send out product launch notices, tradeshow marketing materials, press releases and just about anything you can think of to thousands of leads in just a few clicks, ensuring impressive tradeshow marketing coverage on time, every time.

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