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Three Ways to Maximize Your Trade Show Investment

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A trade show is an investment in your company, and you should take the time to treat it as such. It may seem simple, but it takes time to develop measurable goals for the show. Here are three trade show strategies to help you market your company and maximize your return on investment.

Plan Ahead 

  • Determine Your focus: Will you be launching a new product? Promoti31943028 - trade show meaning world fair and exportng brand awareness? Building a fresh leads list?  Each of these goals require a unique approach.
  • Research the Show and Its Attendees: Is this the proper venue for what you are trying to achieve? Will this be the right show for you to push retail sales or build business relationships? How many of your direct competitors will also have booths? How will you stand out from them?
  • Be Memorable: Interest creates interest! Capture attention by renting a Cash Cube Money Blowing Machine or Bingo Blower. Renting or purchasing a trade show attraction is just a phone call away! How about some useful custom promotional items? Consider options like custom USB drives, household tools or sports items.

Promote Before and After The Show

  • Social Media: Once you plan the details your event, get the word out well in advance. People will be excited to visit your booth for the chance to spin the Prize Wheel or play a custom Scratch Card.
  • Trade Show Publications: Each show will offer several ways for companies to participate in their printed material.  Print a voucher for an extra turn on a Plinko Board to attract people to stop by your booth. Do a half or full-page color advertisement listing all of the attractions at your booth to ensure guarantee that your booth has a crowd of people waiting to try their hand at attractions like the Prize Safe!
  • Leads, Leads, Leads!: Maximize your social media efforts by collecting relevant information as part of the effort. These generated leads can be turned into appointments booked at the show. Don’t stop there – follow up with leads after the show and offer company consolation prizes for being a valued part of your audience.

Be Ready

  • Staff Accordingly: Whether you are looking for new clients, retail customers or to develop relationships with existing clients, make sure you bring your company’s best! Ensure your staff is aware of your goal for the show so that they can help you achieve it. Assign each booth attendant an area of focus and direct attendees accordingly to keep the booth running smoothly during peak times.
  • Too Much is Better Than Not Enough: Make sure you have enough staff coverage – if traffic is slow any extra employees can be sent home. It’s better to have too many promotional products to giveaway than not enough.

There are so many ways to make yourself memorable. It’s worth the effort to plan in advance and maximize the benefit for your trade show investment!!

Top 10 Key Items All Great Booths Do Well

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10 Key ItemsHello class! TradeShow Teacher here with your next lesson; we will be doing a Top 10 List of “What the most effective exhibitors are doing right”.

As a trade show consultant, I spend a lot of time working with clients, teaching them and applying the Top 10 list I will share with you today. Some of you may be surprised to learn that these top 10 items are very basic items, but they form the pillars of success for your exhibits. If you apply these items each time you exhibit you will immediately notice improved results! If you are already following this Top 10 list, then kudos to you; pass this lesson on to someone else who can use some pointers!

Let me jump into the list; I know you are getting eager to see what it is!

Top 10 Key Items All Great Booths Do Well

  1. Keep logo and key messages towards the very top of the display.
  2. Prominently display ONLY 1-3 key “benefit” statements and NOT “features” statements.
  3. Write messaging that provokes questions, particularly ones that follow the mantra of WIIFM (What’s In It For Me?) What is the benefit to the attendee and potential prospect?
  4. Simple, bold and easy to read messaging; written in a font that can easily be read, even from 20 feet away. These exhibitors remember to “KISS” their booth; they “Keep It Simple Stupid”.
  5. Open, inviting spaces. These exhibitors make sure attendees are enticed to walk INTO their display to have conversations.
  6. Clean and clutter free spaces. No cups, loose papers and garbage lying around anywhere in these booths!
  7. Use of bold, attention grabbing graphics that compliment key benefit statement messages; as well as the corporate look and feel of these companies.
  8. Use of lighting to highlight key messages and guide attendees to significant areas of the booth the exhibitor wants them to visit.
  9. Color schemes that either compliment the corporate image and branding, or are current with color trends that are “HOT” within their respective industry.
  10. Use of Audio/Visual to grab the attention of attendees and present information about the company’s products; or to use in presentations and demonstrations.

As you can see, what these exhibitors are doing to create strong, memorable booths are actually very basic “rules” and strategies that can be applied to any booth, across any industry. Now close your eyes and picture how easily these strategies can be applied to your exhibit; pretty simple to integrate into your current exhibit to enhance it, right?

I am glad you opened your eyes again to continue reading! Now let’s move onto a few other key items these exhibitors are taking into consideration when reaching out to prospects. For starters, they are making sure they clearly understand their target market and how to reach them. This is what sets them apart and why they are getting a high ROI from the shows they exhibit at (and because they apply the Top 10 list of course!).

I’ll share a few more secrets of success that these exhibitors apply so I can help you with your exhibiting results; but then it’s time to move onto your homework! As the TradeShow Teacher, you know I always give homework; maybe I’ll have to start asking you to send me your homework so I can check it to see how you’re doing!

Successful exhibitors start with the very basics; by making sure they REALLY understand who the key prospects are for their business. They certainly wouldn’t know what shows to exhibit at and be able to get good results even with the most show stopping booth on the floor if they don’t even know who they are looking to reach and weren’t at the right shows, right? So what you need to fully understand is:

  1. Who is your target market? Right down to the industry, size of company, titles of the prospect and so on. You also need to understand what makes these prospects “tick”. What their personalities and likes/dislikes are. Make a list for each show!
  2. What are the “pain points” of your key prospect’s businesses and how does your product help eliminate those “pain points”? Once again, I suggest, write a list!

After understanding target market and needs, successful exhibitors can then research effective shows and make sure their target market will be there. Once all those steps have been taken, then they can select the most appropriate shows, apply the Top 10 list we discussed and create a plan to reach key prospects in a memorable way! Keep in mind this list only covers what flourishing exhibitors are applying when creating their booth strategy. There are a much wider variety of ”lessons” to be applied to make exhibits successful; starting with a great deal of planning and strategy meetings, effective lead handling and follow up processes and reporting on the results of each show exhibited at so the exhibit program can grow and become more successful. These are all topics we will cover in future lessons, but for now, it’s onto your homework!

This lesson gave you a peek into what thriving exhibitors are doing to be successful; your homework is to take a look at your current exhibit and apply at least 3, hopefully more, of the items from the Top 10 list to your exhibit and measure the increase in results you experience. Then you can write and thank me!

About Linda Musgrove, the TradeShow Teacher
Linda Musgrove is President of the Trade Show Training firm, TradeShow Teacher. She focuses on teaching companies to significantly improve Trade Show Results through strategic, customized Trade Show Training for individuals, departments or entire teams. Musgrove also presents customized training programs for Trade Show Producers to offer exhibitors. Most recently she authored “The Complete Idiots Guide to Trade Shows“, published by Alpha Books/Penguin Publishing. Learn more at and sign up for the FREE monthly Trade Show Tactics newsletter. Follow on Twitter at: . Send an invite to connect on LinkedIn (email is:

A Lesson From Game Shows: 3 Trade Show Booth Ideas for a Successful Trade Show Experience

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A Lesson From Game Shows: 3 Trade Show Booth Ideas for a Successful Trade Show ExperienceIf you have ever watched a game show on television, have attended one, or have even been lucky enough to participate in one, then you know how exciting it can be. Consider a game show like Wheel of Fortune for example. What is it about this sort of game show that keeps people coming back for more?

The excitement and sheer hysteria that is generated from spinning a wheel and anticipating the fortune that is going to befall you is incredibly tantalizing for both the audience as well as the participant.

By bringing this sense of excitement to your trade show, your booth can be equally as engaging. The trick is to know what gets audiences excited and create trade show attractions around that concept. The following are several convention booth-marketing ideas to help you keep your audience engaged.

Turn An Experience At Your Booth Into an Interactive Game

Why do we love game shows? The thrill of anticipation and the interactivity keep the mood upbeat and hold our interest. When people become bored, they become disinterested — you goal is to keep both participants engaged and to stop crowds in their tracks.

Don’t be afraid to go big with your interactive games. You’re investing a lot of money to participate in a trade show — it only makes sense to go the extra step and to design a booth that really grabs attention. Not only will bringing a big attention getter work in your favor on the trade show floor, your booth is likely to be mentioned by bloggers and industry journalists covering the event. Creating a fun event that people naturally gather around and snap pictures of can bring you a lot of coverage at the trade show and beyond.

Interactive Game Ideas:

The Cash Cube Money Machine is a serious attention grabber at trade shows. Not only is it fun for the people inside the money machine who are grabbing cash or coupons, watching participants grab at cash is entertaining for the crowd as well!
Interactive Game Ideas
It’s no question that slot machines draw massive crowds. With a promotional slot machine you can organize a promotion with the same level of intensity as a casino, but without any special licenses. Because promotional slot machines don’t dispense real cash, you can use them anywhere. And because the reels can be customized for any promotion you can dream up, the possibilities are endless.

Taking a literal cue from the success of one of America’s most popular game shows, a Wheel of Chance is a proven trade show attraction tool. The wheel can easily be worked into a variety of different trade show game ideas and is easily customizable for your specific event.

Entice Participants With Prizes

When it comes to trade shows, you don’t need lots of “big prizes.” One big prize can certainly drive visitors to stop in and try — but you don’t have to bust your marketing budget on prize giveaways. Whether a prize is small or large, people just naturally want to win one! When participating on a nationally syndicated televised game show, people expect big prizes like cars and jackpots, but in a trade show atmosphere, thoughtful yet inexpensive giveaways can have the same type of draw.

Consider giving away useful and inexpensive logo imprinted giveaway items that double as prizes and as long-lasting advertisements for you company. When choosing prizes, look for those that are unique, useful, and that relate to your industry and target audience.

Entice Participants With PrizesFor example, if your target audience are techies, consider a logo imprinted flash memory drive or a wifi finder. If you’re in the banking or finance industry, consider giving away logo imprinted piggy banks. Every time they use one of those items, they will be reminded of where they got it and from whom.

For a broader approach, consider a giveaway that will be useful on the trade show floor and in the future such as a logo imprinted lanyard or badge holder on which to hang their trade show badge or a logo imprinted canvas bag to carry their trade show swag. With these types of items, they will not only remember your company in the future, but also advertise your company on the trade show floor.

Pre-Arrange An Audience

Before a game show airs, a great deal of planning takes place to ensure that there will be an audience turnout. Smart trade show marketers can do the same.

“Hoping” that people will stop by your trade show booth is not a plan for success. Like any business event, a successful trade show event requires planning, communication, and some marketing.

Pre-Arrange An Audience1. Work to gain a list of registered attendees and other exhibitors.

2. Identify which companies and individuals are in the right target market or demographic for your products and services.

3. Reach out to those companies and give them a strong incentive to stop by your booth. For example, consider sending scratch off tickets that reveal a prize they can pick up at your booth or a code that may unlock the Prize Vault at your booth, inside of which is a mystery prize. Another option is to arrange to have a scratch off ticket handed to every trade show attendee as they arrive and sign in to receive their badge. This ensures that every person who enters the trade show has been given a ‘ticket’ to stop by your booth.

Just like popular TV game shows, there is no reason why you cannot pack an audience before the show even begins.

What can you learn from the success of game shows and their ability to excite and engage an audience? How can you incorporate the strategies of some of your favorite game shows into your your trade show marketing strategy? Creating an exciting and engaging event can leave a lasting impression on your prospects, making your own ‘show’ a number one hit with your target audience!


Jonathan Edelman provides helpful advice about trade show strategies. With years of experience in the trenches, he is an expert on booth displays, follow up techniques, and using trade show marketing strategies to boost revenue.

4 Trade Show Ideas To Increase Your Booth Traffic

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4 Trade Show Ideas To Increase Your Booth Traffic With the economy continuing to struggle, it’s more important than ever to employ creative trade show ideas that can help transform your trade show spend into a positive ROI.

One of the key ingredients is booth traffic. In order to make your trade show efforts successful, you must be able to attract people to your exhibit.

While other exhibitors strive to draw in the few passersby who express even the mildest of interest in their products, you can turn your trade show exhibits into traffic-magnets. Below, I’ll reveal 4 exciting trade show ideas that you can use to increase your booth traffic.

#1 – Promotional Prize Wheels

Prize wheels are a proven strategy for attracting people to trade show exhibits. Convention halls are often dreary and colorless; the dull thrum of conversation can further desensitize attendees. Promotional prize wheels can inject a splash of color and excitement into your exhibit, drawing people in. And they can be customized to support your trade show marketing effort.

For example, allow anyone who will provide their contact information a spin on the wheel. Every spin wins a prize. Each prize carries a promotional message that spreads your company’s name throughout the convention floor. Plus, watching someone spin the wheel is almost irresistible to other attendees.

#2 – Money Machines

Money machines are one of the most effective trade show ideas for capturing attention and attracting crowds to your exhibit. An attendee steps into a transparent booth and waits expectantly while an attendant counts down in a microphone. Then, a whirlwind of dollar bills, vouchers, or coupons blows around the attendee as he struggles to grab as many of them as possible.

With a little creativity, you can integrate money machines to support your marketing strategy. For example, let attendees collect as many vouchers as possible within 30 seconds. Then, let them trade a certain number of vouchers in for a spin at your prize wheel.

#3 – Popcorn Machines

Imagine yourself as an attendee. You’ve been on your feet for the entire day. Plus, you’re mildly bored and more than a little hungry. Suddenly, the seductive aroma of freshly-popped, buttered popcorn wafts by you. Popcorn machines are one of the few trade show ideas that attracts booth traffic by teasing attendees’ taste buds. Not only does the scent of fresh popcorn draw people in, but the bags can be customized with your company name, logo, and marketing message.

Before long, you’ll have dozens of informal ambassadors giving your company and exhibit more exposure throughout the convention floor. Once other attendees observe people enjoying your popcorn, they’ll search frantically for your booth.

#4 – Video Game Contests

Most people are familiar with classic video games like Pac-man. They’re instantly recognizable. Plus, they can provide event attendees with needed entertainment after they’ve spent hours visiting trade show exhibits. By organizing video game contests, you can increase your booth traffic, provide entertainment, engage in conversation with attendees, and collect their contact information. It’s one of the most popular trade show ideas because it entertains visitors, encourages conversation, and sets the stage for following up after the event.

Because only one person can play the video game at a time, you and your employees can create a comfortable dialogue with those who are waiting their turn. Plus, by offering promotional items as prizes for the top five scores of the day, you’ll encourage people to provide their contact information.

Putting These Trade Show Ideas To Use

Most exhibitors struggle to attract visitors to their trade show exhibits because they fail to think like an attendee. The key to drawing crowds to your booth is to understand what motivates them. The 4 trade show ideas I’ve described above focus on people’s instinctive curiosity, hunger, competitive spirit, and attraction toward games of chance. Each of these trade show ideas is easy to implement and cost-effective. Most importantly, they can help ensure that your marketing efforts deliver a positive ROI.

5 Ways To Create An Irresistible Trade Show Booth

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5 Ways To Create An Irresistible Trade Show Booth Beyond the construction and lighting considerations for your trade show booth, there are a number of trade show marketing tactics you can use to attract attendees, keep their attention, and build goodwill and rapport. Each of these trade show marketing elements are essential to qualifying leads.

While the design of your exhibitor booth is important for creating a consistent theme and supporting your brand, it has less impact than many exhibitors realize. In this article, I’ll describe 5 smart trade show marketing tactics that will make your trade show booth irresistible.

#1 – Organize A Contest

Attracting visitors to your booth is the first step toward qualifying potential leads. Unfortunately, it’s often challenging because trade show attendees can easily be overwhelmed with hundreds of exhibitor booths throughout the trade show floor. However, if you’re willing to employ trade show marketing techniques that other exhibitors neglect, you can successfully draw crowds to your space. One of the most effective trade show marketing strategies is to create a contest in which attendees can win one of several prizes. For example, trade show attractions such as prize wheels, cash cube money blowing machines, and scratch cards can attract attention, create excitement at your booth, and leave a lasting impression.

#2 – Leverage Your Customers

Assuming you took the time before the event to let your customers know about your booth with some pre-trade show marketing and promotion, many of them will visit. Create a way for them to speak with attendees on your behalf. With a little creativity, you can partner with one or more of your customers to design a presentation that describes how your product helped their business. When visitors hear one of your customers extolling the virtues of your company and product, they’ll often be more receptive to the message.

#3 – Use Social Proof

Most people feel more comfortable making a decision when they know others have benefited from making the same choice. It’s called social proof and can have a dramatic effect on how others perceive your business. Set up a video monitor that displays a slideshow of your customers and includes their testimonials for your company. You can even record short snippets of interviews with your customers that play over and over. When convention attendees hear others describing the benefits of working with your company, it establishes social proof and encourages them to find out more.

#4 – Offer Useful Giveaways

Providing attractive, useful tradeshow giveaways is a proven marketing tactic for drawing people to your booth. Few things travel faster across the exhibit floor than news about high-quality giveaways. When attendees discover that you’re offering valuable promotional products, they won’t be able to resist the temptation. That doesn’t mean you need to give every visitor a premium item. Save the highest-quality giveaways for your best leads and offer other visitors less-expensive promotional products imprinted with your company’s name, logo, and contact information. The more useful they are, the longer they’ll continue advertising your company.

#5 – Train Your Booth Staff

A well-trained trade show booth staff can transform a mediocre exhibit into a captivating experience for visitors. If your employees know how to approach and interact with convention attendees, they’ll be far more effective in qualifying leads. Trade show visitors will be encouraged to speak openly with your staff, offering valuable information regarding their business needs and available budget.

Drawing People To Your Trade Show Booth

The 5 marketing ideas described above will require effort. The good news is that very few, if any, of your competitors will be proactive in doing these things. That makes it much easier for you to stand apart from the crowd. By investing the time to employ all 5 tactics, you’ll be able to grab attendees’ attention, encourage them to investigate, create rapport, qualify leads, and leave a positive lasting impression on your visitors.

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