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Making The Most Of Your Trade Show Budget

Making The Most Of Your Trade Show Budget

Event marketing has become increasingly expensive over the past several years. The costs of renting space, designing attractive displays and hiring motivated staff for your booths can give any new trade show marketer pause. But, event marketing continues to be a potent source of profitable business for myself and my clients. The key is to more

3 Tips For Training Your Trade Show Staff

3 Tips For Training Your Trade Show Staff

The success you’ll enjoy at trade shows will depend largely on the people who are working behind your booth. In my experience, effective trade show marketing begins and ends with your booth staff. Getting your audience excited about the show, using attention-getting giveaways, and designing great signs are all important factors. But, your trade show more

3 Effective Pre-Trade Show Marketing Strategies

3 Effective Pre-Trade Show Marketing Strategies

The actions you take long before a trade show is scheduled will determine how successful you are at the show. My years of trade show marketing experience proves that you must proactively take pre-show measures to ensure your goals are met. Today, I’m going to give you three powerful ideas that you should put into more

Making Your Trade Show Booth Come Alive

Making Your Trade Show Booth Come Alive

Whenever I attend a trade show, I take a walk across the floor to see the other booths and displays. I enjoy seeing the measures that others are taking to attract business to their trade show booths because it can be a fantastic way to get new ideas. However, more often than not, other booth more

4 Tips For Making Small Trade Show Displays More Effective

Sometimes, you have to forego the massive trade show displays that can splash your company’s message across the floor space. Perhaps it’s the cost of the displays, or the limited floor space available on the convention floor. Whatever the case, with a little trade show marketing chutzpah, you can get your message across loud and more

Low-Cost Trade Show Marketing Ideas

Trade show booths are expensive. Plus, the cost of the displays can be outrageous. But, there’s plenty you can do to keep your trade show marketing costs down so you don’t blow your budget. It just takes a little creativity. Below, I’ll give you 3 ideas you can use at your next trade show to more

How To Conduct Winning Trade Show Product Demonstrations

Product demonstrations can have a significant impact on the level of success you achieve at trade shows. If you can arrange to have Tom Hanks mincing vegetables with your wonder knife you just might attract a crowd. Since that’s probably not going to happen, we have included some tips that can help ensure you have more

Tips For Making Your Trade Show Booth Irresistible

How can you entice trade show attendees to your booth? You could hand out sapphires but that might break the company’s decade budget…You could create a booth featuring Italianate architecture but that might seem a bit too posh. Let’s take a look at some easy trade show promotion ideas you can utilize to compel people more

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