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A Smart Strategy For Massive Trade Show Booth Exposure

Posted on: March 22nd, 2010 by Darren No Comments

Trade shows and conventions are a great way to meet current and prospective clients face to face. These opportunities for networking can often prove vital to any company positioning themselves within their respective markets. Every vendor and company is looking to stand out with a unique trade show booth ideas to attract positive press. Staying ahead of the crowd puts a company in an enviable position to build their market presence.

Let’s take a look at some practical and effective exhibit marketing ideas.

Step #1: Getting Your Brand In Front Of Every Trade Show Attendee At the Event

Trade show marketing ideasWith so many companies vying for attention, you need a way to grab their attention from the get-go. Contact the event coordinator and arrange to provide free logo imprinted canvas bags that attendees can use to carry the loot they collect throughout the day. Another option is to provided logo imprinted lanyards for the convention’s ID badges.

Not only will this branded item will be one of the first objects that every attendee will come into contact with, it positions you as a leading company at the show. More importantly, every person at the trade show will be advertising your brand as they carry around your bag or sport your lanyard.

Step #2: Take Your Offer Further: Give Them a Reason To Stop By and Participate At Your Trade Show Booth

Customizable Scratch Off CardsIf you are providing the bags or lanyards for the tradeshow, you have a unique opportunity to literally invite every attendee to your booth. This is your opportunity to stuff the bag or attach to the lanyard something irresistible that will drive attendees to your booth. For example, offering every visitor a scratch card or a fortune cookie that reveals a code that may unlock a prize vault at your booth or a chance to step into a Cash Cube Money Machine where they will have 30 seconds to grab at cash, funny money that can be spent on your products or services, or coupon vouchers for free offers.

The Psychology Behind Trade Show Marketing

#1 Driving Traffic: Getting people to visit a convention booth is the key to generating leads and contacts. Every effective trade show booth idea that attracts attention is another potential sale or growth opportunity. Beyond promotional items, interacting with attendees and hosting activities and ice-breakers will often attract a substantial crowd.

#2 Establishing Your Brand: Effective convention booth marketing ideas revolve around building a brand and exposing clients and customers to a company’s overall business. This exposure is achieved through branding via the creation of logos and slogans that convey a company’s unique products or services. One of the most widely used and effective exhibit marketing ideas is to give away promotional items that incorporate those logos and slogans.

Promotional items serve two purposes when it comes to brand marketing. First, practical items will act as a constant, passive source of advertising to a client as they are used. Secondly, those same items will also spread awareness of the company as trade show attendees bring them back to their places of employment or homes. Offering free promotional items is an excellent exhibit marketing idea that provides targeted advertising to pinpoint potential clients.

A trade show booth idea that is unique and can tie into a company’s products or services will ultimately generate buzz around a booth. Exhibit marketing ideas are about getting the word out on a company and establishing a presence and reputation in a market. Good convention booth marketing ideas separate the successful displays from the rest of the crowd.

3 Powerful Reasons To Use Trade Show Giveaways

Posted on: March 5th, 2010 by Darren No Comments

Offering high-quality trade show giveaways to event attendees is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies you can leverage at the event. Trade show giveaways can attract prospects to your exhibit, support your lead-qualifying efforts, and promote your business long after your customers and leads return home.

Most trade show exhibitors underestimate the hidden potential of their promotional products. After years of using them successfully to build my trade show business, I can assure you that the right giveaways can boost your sales, increase your revenue, and deliver an impressive ROI. Today, you’ll discover 3 powerful reasons to use high-quality tradeshow giveaways at your next event.

#1 – Support Your Company’s Brand

More important than your products, your company’s brand is a powerful tool for building long-term trade show success. Tradeshow giveaways can support that brand. Promotional items that are immediately useful offer perpetual value to your customers and leads. Each time they use the giveaways you’ve provided them, that value is transferred directly to your company’s image. As a result, when they need the products your business sells you’re the first resource they consider.

#2 – Immediate Exposure At The Event

Nothing travels faster across a trade show floor than news about an irresistible promotional product. Because most exhibitors try to conserve their trade show budget by giving away items that are not necessarily useful, your giveaways will attract attention. As attendees learn about your promotional items, your booth traffic will surge dramatically.

#3 – Long-Term Visibility After The Trade Show

While more inexpensive trade show giveaways are useful to blanket the trade show with your brand, the long-term promotional power of other giveaways is critical as well. As long as you’ve sent your highly qualified leads home from the event with giveaways that provide practical value, those items will continue to advertise your company for months, even years. For example, an attractive 12-month calendar practically guarantees your name will be in front of your customers for the next year. Not only does this provide perpetual exposure for your business, but you’ll also enjoy instant name recognition when your staff follows up with leads after the trade show.

The Secret To Trade Show Giveaways

One of the most potent secrets I’ve learned over many years of event marketing success is to choose high-quality, immediately useful tradeshow giveaways. The majority of the exhibitors I’ve observed over the years completely miss the potential short and long-term advertising potential of their promotional items. That makes it even easier to set yourself apart during – and after – the trade show. Plus, if you can integrate your giveaways with powerful trade show attractions like the money machine cash cube, you’ll attract large crowds to your booth. That provides an ideal opportunity for your employees to qualify leads.

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