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4 Trade Show Giveaways That Will Flood Your Booth With Traffic

Posted on: October 29th, 2009 by Darren No Comments

The right trade show giveaways can generate goodwill, promote your company, and improve brand awareness. They can communicate your core message to attendees and pave the road for your booth staff to qualify leads.

There’s an additional advantage…

High-quality promotional items function as a trade show traffic magnet. Not only do they encourage your customers to visit your trade show booth, but as news of your premium giveaways spreads across the convention floor, attendees will flock to your exhibit. Here are four trade show giveaways that can flood your booth with traffic:

#1 – T-Shirts and Polo Shirts

Trade Show ShirtsCustom printed t-shirts and polo shirts are popular promotional gifts because they’re immediately useful to recipients.

Because the t-shirts broadcast your company’s name and message, they transform attendees into walking billboards for your company – on the trade show floor and at home.

Attendees also realize that shirts offer long-term practical value; they’ll gravitate to your booth to claim them.

Whether you’re giving away standard tees, V-neck t-shirts, or polo shirts, custom logo printed shirts are a proven trade show traffic generator.

#2 – Wireless Internet Detector

Logo Imprinted Wireless Internet FinderOne of the coolest — and most useful gadgets for anyone today is a wireless internet detector. These handy gadgets light up whenever they are in range of a wireless internet connection. For business people who are always on the go and always looking for a place to hop online the wifi detector is an essential gadget to keep handy at all times.

Because people are likely to make their wifi finder a permanent fixture on their keychain, they are constantly reminded of your brand and slogan.

For such a useful, high-tech tradeshow giveaway that pack such long-lasting branding power, wireless internet detectors are quite affordable starting at around $8.89 with logo imprinting.

#3 – Notepads / Portfolios

Logo Printed NotepadsA compact leatherette custom printed portfolio makes an ideal trade show promotional item because it has a high perceived value, can be put to quick use, and offers long-term practicality.

Your leads and customers will continue to use it when they return to their offices after the exhibition.

They can store business cards within it, make impromptu notes on the accompanying notepad, and carry key documents inside. Each time they use the portfolio, they’ll remember your company.

#4 – Calendars / Memo Planners

Custom Printed CalendarTrade show attendees are busier than ever. They need a practical tool that will help them manage their overburdened schedules. A simple custom printed desk calendar or large memo planner offers a perfect solution.

Not only will they help your customers keep their schedules and appointments organized, but they can promote your company in the process. Attendees know intuitively that calendars and planners offer everyday value. They’ll come to your trade show booth to request one.

You’ll notice that each of the promotional gifts profiled above meet an ongoing need. As a result, your customers and leads will use these items when they return home. That’s the key to leveraging trade show giveaways as a marketing tool that yields lasting exposure for your company. The additional surge in attendee traffic they’ll bring to your booth is an added benefit.

4 Questions To Ask Before Investing In Trade Show Giveaway Ideas

Posted on: October 9th, 2009 by Darren No Comments

Trade Show MarketingThink back to the last time you explored the trade show floor. Chances are, you noticed exhibitors giving away promotional items that seemed ineffective given their products, company brand, or marketing message. This is a common mistake exhibitors make when they fail to use trade show giveaways as a supplemental component of their trade show marketing strategy.

Effective trade show giveaways increase attendees’ awareness of your brand and products. They draw visitors to your booth, paving the way for your staff to qualify them as leads. The right promotional products can create a positive first impression, helping you build goodwill in the process. Most importantly, they keep your company’s name in front of your leads and customers long after the convention hall’s lights are turned off.

Before selecting the trade show giveaways you’ll offer to your booth visitors, ask yourself the following four questions:

#1 – What Is The Purpose Of Your Giveaways?

Different promotional items are better suited than others to fulfill specific objectives. For example, portable alarm clocks, pens, and coffee mugs provide ongoing convenience for your booth visitors while they’re on the road. On the other hand, if your goal is to use trade show giveaways to educate attendees and position your company as an industry authority, booklets may be more appropriate. If long-term promotion of your company and products is your objective, a wall calendar or desk organizer can prove invaluable.

#2 – Who Should Receive Your Promotional Items?

Ideally, you should plan to offer some type of trade show giveaway to each person who visits your exhibit. Even small, inexpensive items that attendees carry with them during and after the trade show can provide enormous advertising value.

Consider investing in a few different promotional products for customers, leads, and general booth visitors. For example, your customers can receive high-quality stainless steel thermoses while leads can be given sturdy coffee mugs. Other booth visitors can receive inexpensive flash memory drives or t-shirts. All of these items can be imprinted with your company logo and phone number.

#3 – Can Your Giveaways Complement Your Products?

Try to select trade show giveaways that tie in with your industry and your company’s products. If you serve the automotive industry, tire gauges and key rings work well and offer long-term value for your booth visitors. If your company manufactures products for the health care industry, consider giving away customized first aid kits and emergency reference guides. Promotional items that complement your products are easier to dovetail with your company’s industry-focused marketing message.

#4 – What Is Your Trade Show Marketing Budget?

The price you’ll pay for trade show giveaways can range from a few cents to $100 (or more) per item. The key is to select products that offer the most advertising value for every dollar spent. Remember, this is an investment in your long-term success. While you’re limited by your budget, realize that the right trade show giveaways can deliver promotional value for years.

Most exhibitors choose the items they give attendees almost as a second thought. Take a methodical approach. Ask yourself the four questions above to help you select promotional products that deliver the most value for your money.

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